• Improving Public Schools With Adil Baguirov

  • Posted on February 18, 2018
  • Adil Baguirov
    In his four years with an urban Board of Education for a school district that is the second-poorest of Ohio’s 600 school districts, Adil Baguirov has been very active and has certainly made a difference. Before he arrived on the scene, the Dayton Public Schools district was very close to having to deal with a state takeover. Now, with his and the other board members' attempts to significantly modernize the system, the Dayton Public Schools are in perhaps the best shape they have been in several decades. In fact, the district received an "A" on their last state report, thus averting the possibility of a state takeover.

    Of course, Adil Baguirov considers himself extremely passionate about his community of Dayton, Ohio. That is why he ran for the Board of Education in 2013. He feels it is very important that he gives back to the people of Dayton as much as possible. He insists that the areas of education, technology and fiscal accountability are the most important issues in any community, which is why the Dayton Board of Education seems like such a great fit for him.

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